Pentax Medical launches integrated endoscopy solutions platform

Pentax Medical has launched two dedicated electrosurgical and argon plasma coagulation (APC) platforms - the Endo arc and Endo Plus - to its therapeutic accessories range. The launch of these units strengthens Pentax Medical’s integrated endoscopy solutions offering, completing the pathway from screening to diagnostics and into therapeutics.

Researchers identify enzymes involved in colon cancer growth

University of Massachusetts Amherst food science researchers have pinpointed a set of enzymes involved in tumour growth that could be targeted to prevent or treat colon cancer. The study, ‘Targeted metabolomics identifies the cytochrome P450 monooxygenase eicosanoid pathway as a novel therapeutic target of colon tumorigenesis,’ was published in the journal Cancer Research.

Medicaid expansion increases CRC screening in Kentucky

A research team evaluating the impact of Medicaid expansion on the rates of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening, incidence, and survival in Kentucky’s low-income population, have found that the number of Medicaid patients who received screening after the expansion was more than triple the number of patients who were screened before the expansion. Additionally, CRC patients relying on Medicaid exhibited improved survival after the expansion compared to before it was implemented. The study.

Scientists demonstrate how high-fat diet drives colorectal cancer growth

A study led by Salk Institute scientists suggests that high-fat diets fuel colorectal cancer growth by upsetting the balance of bile acids in the intestine and triggering a hormonal signal that lets potentially cancerous cells thrive. The study, ‘FXR Regulates Intestinal Cancer Stem Cell Proliferation’, which appeared in Cell could explain why colorectal cancer, which can take decades to develop, is being seen in younger people growing up at a time when higher-fat diets are common.