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15th International Colorectal Meeting - an interview with Dr Mario Trompetto

Mon, 02/26/2018 - 13:01
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The Scientific Secretariat has organised the meeting to facilitate very dynamic sessions and to avoid the usual series of lectures on the same topic describing different types of surgery or too many sterile discussions after a long list of opinions

In a series of interviews, we will be previewing this year’s 15th International Colorectal Meeting in Turin, 16-18 April. We talked to Dr Mario Trompetto, Head of the Department of Colorectal Surgery at the S Rita Clinic in Vercelli (Italy), member of the meeting’s Scientific Secretariat, who highlighted some of the key sessions, presentations and speakers, as well as encouraging those with an interest in coloproctology to attend the meeting.

Dr Mario Trompetto
Dr Mario Trompetto

“Our Meeting has the purpose to give a deep update on almost all colorectal diseases. For this reason, the scientific secretariat has asked many experts to participate in it giving their great experience on different topics and we are very happy because all the invited speakers have accepted to come,” Dr Mario Trompetto began. “We will have the great privilege of a very qualified faculty that will allow all participants to take home many helpful suggestions in our fields of interest. We are very honoured and proud to have in Turin some of the best world-renown colorectal surgeon coming from all Europe as well as from North and South America, as well as gastroenterologists and radiologists who are among the best in the world in their field I cannot mention all them, but I must say that this faculty is the best group of specialists we have had in our meeting and I am really proud to have gather such distinguished experts and we are grateful for their participation.”

He explained that the Scientific Secretariat has organised the meeting to facilitate very dynamic sessions and to avoid the usual series of lectures on the same topic describing different types of surgery or too many sterile discussions after a long list of opinions. 

There will be a state of the art lectures on the main issues followed by a ‘consultant corner’ on the same topic. There will be face-to-face debates on specific technical issues regarding the most modern surgical approaches, as well as interesting “Current questions” sessions in which the audience will have the possibility to actively participate in the discussion. The presence of expert chairmen will make these debates extremely interesting. Furthermore, there will be lectures presented by the most important invited speakers on some difficult topics in colorectal surgery. 

“The meeting will emphasise the multi-disciplinarily aspects of colorectal treatment underpinned by evidence-based results of the last few years,” he added. “We are all convinced that only sharing our experiences, will we reach the best results in our speciality, as in many others.”

The meeting will be as forum for discussions between all the specialists involved in the field of the diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. Of particular interest for nurses and specialists in stomatherapy, there will be two workshops on medical therapy for haemorrhoids and concerning the conservative treatment for functional disorders of the rectum that will again focus the importance of a real multi-disciplinary treatment. 

With regards to the social aspect of the meeting, Dr Trompetto said that Turin offers some of the finest restaurants with great food and fine wines from the region. Culturally, Turin is world famous for its many famous monuments (Mole Antonelliana, Basilica of Superga, Medieval Castle of the Valentino) and beautiful squares (Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Piazza Castello). The ideal location of the meeting means that the centre of the city and many of these sites are within walking distance.

“The city is also well-known for its museums - the Egyptian museum is the biggest in the world after the museum of Il Cairo – the city also hosts the museum of the automobile, the museum of the cinema, and a museum of the two football teams of the city - Juventus and Torino - the latter is my favourite!”

“I am looking forward to meeting many colleagues and old friends, and making new friends so we can share our experiences and all increase our friendships within colorectal community,” he concluded. “Sharing such experiences is vital as we remember that we are very lucky to be doing the best job in the world!”

For more information about 15th International Colorectal Meeting (registration, accommodation, programme etc), please click here

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