Wireless device can provide new options for CRC treatment

For those diagnosed with colorectal cancer, surgery has been the only option that offers a solution. Unfortunately, surgery is frequently complicated by disease recurrence at the site of the original cancer when microscopic cancer cells are left behind at the time of surgery. Chemotherapy is a treatment option that is often given in conjunction with surgery, although it can lead to toxic side effects.

Computer-assisted colonoscopy identifies more precancerous polyps vs traditional colonoscopy

Colonoscopies performed with computer-aided detection or artificial intelligence, (AI) saw an increase in the overall rate of detection of adenoma, or cancerous and precancerous polyps, by 27% in average-risk patients, according to new data presented at the Digestive Disease Week Annual Meeting.

Algorithm will improve bowel-cancer patient care

An algorithm which can predict how long a patient might spend in hospital if they're diagnosed with bowel cancer could save the NHS millions of pounds and help patients feel better prepared, according to researchers from the University of Portsmouth and the Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust. The intelligent model will allow healthcare providers to design the best patient care and prioritize resources.