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FDA approves Ethicon’s Echelon Circular Powered Stapler

Sun, 04/30/2017 - 09:52
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The Echelon Circular Powered Stapler is designed to reduce anastomotic complications in colorectal, gastric and thoracic cancer surgeries

Ethicon has received approval from the FDA for its Echelon Circular Powered Stapler, designed to reduce anastomotic complications in colorectal, gastric and thoracic cancer surgeries. The circular anastomosis is one of the most critical steps in cancer surgery and has a high risk for complications. Complications can include leaks and bleeding which can require reoperation. Ethicon has designed the device in an effort to make measurable clinical and cost-of-care improvements for healthcare providers and patients globally.

According to the company, the Echelon Circular Powered Stapler provides two new technologies to reduce leaks without compromising perfusion, resulting in 61% fewer leaks at the staple line compared to Medtronic’s DST Series EEA Stapler. The Ethicon device has Gripping Surface Technology that provides gentler handling with a 33% reduction in compressive forces on tissue, and 3D Stapling Technology evenly distributes compression throughout the anastomosis, the company claims. These two technologies work together to consistently optimize perfusion and reduce leaks at the staple line.

“Ethicon is committed to reducing complications, which have a significant impact on healthcare costs and patient outcomes,” said Tom O’Brien, Vice President, Global Endomechanical Platform Leader. “The Echelon Circular Powered Stapler addresses these challenges by combining powered firing with two staple forming innovations that reduce leaks without compromising perfusion.”