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ConvaTec launches Natura Convex Accordion Flange

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 11:26
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Product designed to make ostomy pouch application easier and more comfortable

ConvaTec has announced the global launch of the Natura Convex Cut-to-Fit Accordion Flange designed to make two-piece ostomy pouch application easier and more comfortable for people with a stoma.

The new convex product completes the company’s Accordion Flange range alongside the earlier roll out of Flat Cut-to-Fit and ConvaTec Moldable Technology products. It also complements the recently launched Esteem+ Flex Convex one-piece system, which according to the company, offers more options for convexity, a fast-growing segment of the ostomy market, and providing consumers and nurses with a wide choice of one- and two-piece ostomy solutions to suit their individual needs and preferences.

The Accordion Flange is a component of a two-piece system which adheres to the skin around the stoma (and can also be referred to as a wafer, skin barrier or baseplate). To attach a pouch to the wafer, the accordion-like flange lifts up, away from the body, allowing the user to snap the pouch onto the flange ring without pressing onto the abdomen. An audible click tells the user that the pouch attachment is secure. The pouch can then be gently lowered back into place against the body, giving the user a discreet low profile during wear.

“We developed the Accordion Flange to give two-piece users the finger space they need to make pouch application easier and more comfortable, especially for people who have recently had surgery and others with tender abdomens,” said Erik Zimmer, Vice President and General Manager, Ostomy Care, ConvaTec. “Today’s launch extends these benefits to people who need a convex wafer, and fulfills our commitment to continually launching products and solutions – such as our me+ Direct-To-Consumer Programme – that inspire people with ostomies to live the life they want.”

The growing demand for convexity is due to multiple factors, which can affect an ostomate’s feeling of security and quality of life. These include stoma profiles that are flush or retracted below the skin surface and thus require a convex barrier to aid protrusion and help keep output from leaking under the barrier. Increased obesity rates also mean that consumers are looking to convex systems to support stomas between skin folds and creases and adhere more securely to soft or uneven skin surfaces.

According to the company, the intuitive, easy-to-use design of the Natura Accordion Flange minimises pressure on the abdomen during 2-piece pouch application. In the ‘UP’ position, the flange provides a full finger width space to make pouch attachment easy and comfortable especially for users with compromised dexterity or tender abdomens. In the ‘DOWN’ position, the flange provides the user with a discreet low profile, designed to be less visible under clothing.

Available in a comprehensive range to suit all customers, the Natura Accordion Flange includes Convex and Flat Cut-to-Fit options as well as a flat option with ConvaTec Moldable Technology that delivers the additional benefit of clinically-proven skin and leak protection.

To complete the two-piece system, the range pairs with Natura+ pouches, to suit people with colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies. As with all Natura two-piece systems, a reassuring audible click signals to the user that the pouch is securely attached to the flange.

The Natura Convex Cut-to-Fit Accordion Flange is being rolled out globally across markets in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.