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Ethicon launches ProxiSure Suturing Device for precision in minimally-invasive surgery

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 19:43
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Advanced laparoscopic suturing device features Ethicon's innovative endomechanical, suture and curved needle technologies

Ethicon has announced the launch of its ProxiSure Suturing Device, an advanced laparoscopic suturing device featuring Ethicon endomechanical, suture and curved needle technologies. The addition of ProxiSure builds upon Ethicon's expansive portfolio of suturing technologies while establishing a new standard of excellence in laparoscopic suturing, the company stated.

The ProxiSure Suturing Device features wrist-like manoeuvrability and curved needle in an advanced suturing device that improves suturing precision in tight spaces. The suturing precision is deployed by enabling surgeons to reach the desired angle, control bites, and secure knots, as well as to have maximum control of the needle during suturing and knot tying, which may reduce the risk of needle loss.

ProxiSure Suturing Device
ProxiSure Suturing Device

"With the patient's health at the forefront of our thinking, we aimed to introduce a suturing device that will help reduce the margin of error in minimally-invasive surgery," said Dr Niels-Derrek Schmitz, Franchise Medical Director for Ethicon. "Surgeons will now be able to have the same confidence in laparoscopic suturing that they have always had with traditional procedures using Ethicon products."

With a highly intuitive tissue repair experience, ProxiSure is designed to enable precise suturing in tight spaces and is well suited for bariatric, general, colorectal and gynaecology procedures. The device's curved needle improves a surgeon's ability to suture a variety of tissue layers, including flat surfaces.

"Versatility is the key," said Dr Schmitz. "ProxiSure enables surgeons to do a wide range of tasks in the OR while maintaining an immensely user-friendly configuration."