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Pentax Medical launches integrated endoscopy solutions platform

Wed, 02/27/2019 - 10:20
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Pentax Medical has launched two dedicated electrosurgical and argon plasma coagulation (APC) platforms - the Endo arc and Endo Plus - to its therapeutic accessories range. The launch of these units strengthens Pentax Medical’s integrated endoscopy solutions offering, completing the pathway from screening to diagnostics and into therapeutics. These world class specialist platforms provide electrosurgical cutting capabilities and address coagulation concerns, giving endoscopists safe, reliable devices that are easy to operate, ensuring the best results for the patient, according to the company.

The Endo Arc offers a variety of customizable safe modes and three GastroCut modes delivering optimum outcomes during polypectomies and papillotomies, as well as endoscopic resections with loops or knife electrodes. Affording the operator full control, the haemostasis level of cutting and the coagulation power can be variably adjusted to three speeds as required. In addition, the power output is fine-tuned to deliver the minimum necessary for each case, and the coagulation effect can be easily regulated between nine different levels. This means that every cut is optimized, with the endoscopist able to work cautiously to avoid complications, while also proceeding rapidly where possible. To further decrease risk of deep burning or perforation, the HemoStat WideCup can also be connected to enable the safest haemostatic mode possible.

“The launch of Endo Arc and Endo Plus therapeutic accessories further extends our innovative solutions package across our colonoscopy, oesophageal and biliopancreatic platforms,” said Rainer Burkard, President EMEA, Pentax Medical. “With this further expansion of our portfolio, we continue to enhance our world-class integrated endoscopy offering from diagnostics through to therapy. These new electrosurgical systems are fully customized and dedicated to interventional Endoscopy for both standard and more advanced endoscopic procedures.”

Available as an optional extra, the Endo Plus, provides contact-free operation for argon-assisted electrosurgery. With the additional benefit of APC, endoscopists can take advantage of fast, contact-free coagulation that is simple to administer for a range of procedures. These include superficial and smaller vascular bleeds, tumour reduction and bleeds, devitalization and coagulation. In the right colon, stent ingrowth/overgrowth and radiation proctitis are also possible with the Endo Plus. Maximum protection against perforation is again provided through low power settings and reliable ignition.

Also, specifically designed for endoscopy, Argon Flex and Argon Flex 90° disposable APC probes for use with the Endo Plus have round ceramic tips to prevent trauma and protect the working channel of the endoscope. This allows for safe and reliable low flow rates of 0.4-0.6l/min.

As well as delivering state-of-art safety features and optimization, the Endo Arc and Endo Plus are easy to use. The Endo Arc is easy to setup with a number of pre-defined programs with recommended quick start settings to choose from and has more than 90 additional programmable storage locations suited to clinical requirements. The argon beam produced by the Endo Plus is also particularly easy to handle for contact-free haemostasis.