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June Medical launches eVeck Colposcopy Plume Evacuation Kit

Wed, 09/30/2020 - 08:52
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June Medical has launched the eVeck Colposcopy Plume Evacuation Kit for the safe and efficient removal of surgical plume. The single use eVeck Kit comes ready assembled, with an integrated HEPA pre filter, a flexi connector that fits assorted speculum models, and tubing that links to a plume evacuation system and is reinforced to prevent crushing and kinking.

“Surgical plume is an inevitable consequence of procedures that use electrosurgical techniques, and there is clear evidence showing the dangers it presents to personnel,” said renowned electro surgery consultant, Steve Veck who worked on the project, advising medical device specialist Mosaic Surgical. “Despite this, the most efficient removal methods are not mandatory in every territory, or for every case. The eVeck eliminates this issue by attaching directly to the speculum, positioning it close to the surgical site to clear all the damaging materials before staff and patients can be exposed to them.”

“We are delighted to be able to offer this simple but vital solution that can prevent surgical teams from being exposed to the hazards of surgical plume,” said Angela Spang, CEO of June Medical. “We hope that more widespread use of the eVeck Kit will have a significant long-term effect on improving the health of healthcare professionals.”