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Lifestyle choices

Researchers of the Colorectal Cancer research group of Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), led by Dr Víctor Moreno, have issued the first predictive risk model of colon and rectal cancer based on Spanish data that combines genetic and lifestyle information. The study highlights the importance of improving lifestyle to reduce the risk of colon cancer and suggests using a combination of lifestyle and genetic information to subdivide the population into different groups according to their colon cancer risk, which would fine tune the current screening method.

Minority colorectal cancer patients report poor quality-of-life

A study of racial disparities in health-related quality of life of colorectal cancer patients revealed among several findings, that Hispanics and blacks had a higher burden of poor health-related quality-of-life (HR-QoL) than white patients and that poor HR-QoL resulted in shorter median survival. Yet Hispanics had an average survival time of 85.4 months, compared to blacks at 47.8 months and whites at 43.2 months.

Single-cell analysis reveals subtypes of colorectal tumours

Advances in tumour genomic sequencing have improved classification of tumour subtypes, guiding more precise cancer treatments and improving patient survival. However, tumours typically contain a variety of cancerous and noncancerous cells that all contribute to the biology of the tumour. By combining single-cell genomics and computational techniques, a research team has defined cell-type composition of cancerous cells from 11 colorectal tumours, as well as adjacent noncancerous cells, a key to more targeted diagnosis and treatment. 

Ethicon launches Enseal X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer

Ethicon has launched the Enseal X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer, the first in a new generation of Enseal devices. The Enseal X1 Large Jaw Tissue Sealer has shown better sealing than LigaSure Impact through less bleeding, less thermal spread and better ergonomics, the company claims. Furthermore, the company stated that the device is a demonstration of its commitment to improving the surgeon experience and is designed to meet the demands of open procedures such as colectomies and hysterectomies.